Learn about the recruiting process at Sealy Corp to give yourself the best chance of landing the job that you want. Here you can read about Sealy Corp’s hiring process, including the application, interviews, and pre-employment tests.

How To Write a Job Application

You need to check all of the requirements for applying for a job at Sealy Corp before sending in your application. If there are specific qualifications that they are looking for, be sure to mention them in your résumé. Make a strong case for yourself as a candidate by including all of the right information.


After the application process is completed if you pass the HR selection you will be called in for an interview. At the interview it is a promising sign if you are interviewed by HR and a manager. Make sure you arrive on time with all necessary documents in hand.

Hiring Pre-Employment Assessment

Many companies such as Sealy Corp use assessment tests. These may be aptitude tests, such as numerical or mechanical reasoning tests, or tests that evaluate behavior, such as personality or situational judgment tests.

Sealy Corp Interview Tips

Take a look at some pointers on how to ace your Sealy Corp interview.

Be Positive

You need to show the hiring manager that you are excited about the possibility of working at their company. The best way to do this is to be enthuastic, smile, and maintain an upbeat attitude throughout the interview.

Be Nice

Avoid gossiping and don’t say

Some of the Popular Jobs At Sealy Corp

These positions receive many applications yearly:

Project Manager Customer Service Manager Customer Service Assistant
Administrative Assistant Packaging Engineer Customer Service

Assessments at Sealy Corp

During the hiring process you might need to take one of the following assessments:

Supplements Specialized Item Sets Promotional Tests
Dispatcher Personality/Job Fit Correctional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 1 Office Parkway Rd

City: Trinity

State: NC

Postal Code: 27,370

Phone Number: (336)861-3500

Website: www.sealy.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Furniture and Fixtures

SIC Code: 2,515