Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp can offer great career opportunities and attractive benefits. The hiring process is intensive, and often involves several stages including the following: an application, a phone interview, pre-employment tests, and an in-person interview. We’ve got the inside scoop on each stage of the hiring process at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp.

Apply Online

When you submit your application to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp online, make sure you tailor your résumé to match the description in the job opening. Make sure you have the details of your past working environments handy. Lastly, remember to review your application for mistakes.


When going in to your interview at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp, ensure that you arrive on time with a copy of your résumé and cover letter in hand. Be prepared to answer questions about your past experiences and strengths and weaknesses. If you are offered a drink, accept it, as this creates rapport between you and the person interviewing you.

Hiring Pre-Employment Assessment

Many companies such as Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp use assessment tests. These may be aptitude tests, such as numerical or mechanical reasoning tests, or tests that evaluate behavior, such as personality or situational judgment tests.

Personality Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s common to be asked about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview. These are some ideas about how to answer this question.


  • Management
  • Negotiation
  • Critical thinking


  • Giving presentations (if not required)
  • Impatience
  • Discomfort with leaving a project unfinished

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp’s Most Popular Positions

These positions receive many applications yearly:

Product Manager Financial Analyst Merchandiser
Program Manager R&D Customer Service

Pre-Employment Tests Used by Sierra Nevada Memorial Hosp

You may be asked to complete one or more of the following pre-employment assessments:

Bennett Mechanical Test MS PowerPoint Hogan Test
Supplements Account Clerk, Senior Entry-Level Clerical

Company Details

Company Address: P.O. BOX 1029

City: Grass Valley

State: CA

Postal Code: 95,945

Phone Number: (530)274-6000


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Health Services

SIC Code: 8,062