Here you can find answers to your questions about the hiring process at Texas Renaissance Festival. Learn about the interview process, assessment tests, and more. Take the next step in your career and ace Texas Renaissance Festival’s hiring process.

Submit an Application

Go directly to Texas Renaissance Festival website and find the relevant position. It is best to complete the application in one sitting to ensure you follow through on completion. When you have finished filling in all the pertinent information, review it for spelling mistakes.


Exceling on the interview at Texas Renaissance Festival is the key to landing the job with Texas Renaissance Festival. Make sure you come prepared, armed with your résumé, cover letter, and references. It is important to dress professionally and arrive on time.

Pre-Employment Screening

Companies like Texas Renaissance Festival want to make sure they’re hiring candidates with the required skills. One way they test for skills is through the use of pre-employment tests such as numerical or verbal reasoning tests.

Examples of Strengths and Weaknesses

Unsure how to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses? Below you can find our experts’ advice on how to answer this question.


  • Inspirational
  • Selecting highly productive employees
  • Critical thinking


  • Giving presentations (if not required)
  • Cautious
  • Discomfort with leaving a project unfinished

Some of the Popular Jobs At Texas Renaissance Festival

Take a quick look at some of the possible job openings at Texas Renaissance Festival.

R&D Management Trainee Financial Analyst
Paralegal Program Manager Sales

Company’s Online Assessments

Texas Renaissance Festival frequently requires candidates to take one or more of the following tests:

PI LI (PLI) Test Logical Reasoning Kenexa Tests
Cashier Watson-Glaser Test Excel

Company Details

Company Address: 21778 Fm 1774

City: Plantersville

State: TX

Postal Code: 77,363

Phone Number: (936)894-2516


Industry: Business Services

Sub-industry: Amusement and Recreation Services

SIC Code: 7,999