It is not easy to land a job in this comptetitive job market. If you are looking to land a job at TXU Generating Co we are here to help teach you about the hiring process. Learn everything you will need to know about acing the interview process.

What Is the Application Process at TXU Generating Co?

Dreaming of landing a job at TXU Generating Co? Make sure that your cover letter and résumé are up to par. They should be tailored to the description posted on TXU Generating Co’s website and highlight your most impressive achievements.


The interview process at TXU Generating Co is quite competitive. Prepare some key facts about the Electric Services in advance. Arriving late is a big no no. Lastly, prepare some questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the interview.

Pre-Employment Screening

Companies like TXU Generating Co want to make sure they’re hiring candidates with the required skills. One way they test for skills is through the use of pre-employment tests such as numerical or verbal reasoning tests.

Interview Questions You Should Master

Answering interview questions correctly is a skill that can be honed. Let our experts show you how.

  • Have you ever been on a team where a person was not pulling their own weight? How did you handle it?
  • Discuss your resume.
  • What are some of your leadership experiences?
  • How far can you advance?
  • Are you willing to travel for the job?

Some Popular Jobs at TXU Generating Co

TXU Generating Co receives many applications for these positions:

Program Manager Human Resources Administrator Customer Service
Product Manager Customer Service Manager Manager

Common Psychometric Tests

Some of the pre-employment tests used by TXU Generating Co are the following:

Data Entry Clerk Entry-Level Clerical Executive Assistant
Microsoft Access Excel Kenexa Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 6322 N Fm 56 Rd

City: Glen Rose

State: TX

Postal Code: 76043

Phone Number: 2548978500


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Gas, Electric and Sanitary Services

SIC Code: 4911