If you’ve applied for a job at USF Holland, your work has only just begun. Your application needs to catch the eye of the hiring manager, and you will need to pass interviews and assessments to get hired. Learn all about USF Holland’s hiring process here.

Apply for the Job

If you are applying for a job at USF Holland, now is not the time to be modest. Include all of your relevant work-related successes and show how you helped past employers meet their goals. This is the best way of impressing USF Holland’s hiring managers.


There are two types of interviews in our hiring process. Between each round, we gather feedback from your interviewers and determine next steps.

Online Hiring Screeners

The hiring process is becoming more and more quantitative, as companies rely on measurable factors rather than on impressions made in interviews.

Tips and Tricks for Exceling on Your USF Holland Interview

Get ready for your interview. Check out some of our tips.

Be Positive

You need to show the hiring manager that you are excited about the possibility of working at their company. The best way to do this is to be enthuastic, smile, and maintain an upbeat attitude throughout the interview.

End on a Positive Note

Thank your interviewers for taking the time to meet with you and tell them that you look forward to hearing from them soon.

USF Holland’s popular positions

You may interview for roles like the ones below:

Travel Manager Fleet Manager Water Transportation Operator
Fork Lift Operator Logistician Machine Operator

What Are Common Assessments at USF Holland?

During the hiring process you might need to take one of the following assessments:

Caliper Profile Test Ramsay Mechanical Test Specialized Item Sets
Executive Assistant Administrative Assistant PI LI (PLI) Test

Company Details

Company Address: 750 E 40th St

City: Holland

State: MI

Postal Code: 49,423

Phone Number: (616)395-5000

Website: www.hollandregional.com

Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Motor Freight Transportation

SIC Code: 4,213