We are currently living through one of the most competitive job markets. Gone are the days of walking into an interview unpreprared. Learn everything you will need to know to rock your UT Starcom hiring process.

How to Apply

The first step in your journey toward a new job at UT Starcom is very straightforward—sending in an application. Be sure to review your résumé and cover letter to make sure that you include the same keywords that are listed in the job’s description, and fix any spelling mistakes.


UT Starcom’s hiring process usually involves a short telephone interview to verify the information you provided in your résumé. At your face-to-face interview, you will be asked a number of questions relating to your job experience, relevant skills, and career goals. You may have more than one interview with the same manager, different hiring managers, or human resources managers.

Online Assessment

Have you applied for a job and been asked to take an employment test? You should determine exactly what assessment you will take and begin practicing for it so you aren’t caught unprepared.

Learn How to Pass Your UT Starcom Interview

We have prepared a list of our top tips to help you ace your UT Starcom interview.

Research the Company Beforehand

This is one of the best ways to show that you are a serious candidate. You should know UT Starcom’s history and values, as well as its market share and focus. By acquiring knowledge of the company and Communications Equipment that goes beyond the superficial, you can demonstrate to your interviewer that you are very interested in growing your career there.

Examine the Hierarchy 

Note where the position you are applying for falls within the organization.

Some of the Popular Jobs At UT Starcom

What positions are available at UT Starcom?

Machine Operator Engineering Financial Analyst
Customer Service Management Trainee Maintenance

UT Starcom’s Most Popular Assessment Tests

UT Starcom frequently requires candidates to take one or more of the following tests:

Specialized Item Sets Basic Skills-General Entry-Level Automotive Mechanic
Service Personality/Job Fit Maintenance

Company Details

Company Address: 1275 Harbor Bay Pkwy

City: Alameda

State: CA

Postal Code: 94,502

Phone Number: (510)864-8800

Website: www.utstar.com

Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Electrical, Electronic and Components other than Computer Equipment

SIC Code: 3,669