The day has come: you have found a job that you want at Vistar Corporation, applied, and you’re waiting to hear back. Do you want to know what to expect from Vistar Corporation’s hiring process?

How To Write a Good Résumé and Cover Letter

When applying for a job at Vistar Corporation, you have probably given a lot of thought to your application and made certain that you fulfill all of the requirements of the job. Have you thought about the format of your résumé, however? Distracting fonts and colors can detract from the professionalism of your application and lead to you being passed over as a candidate. It’s best to use a standard format for your résumé and cover letter and keep the overall length of each document to one page.


Gone are the days of one interview. At Vistar Corporation you will likely face multiple people on your interview day. Like with everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Review common interview questions. Make sure you show up on time and are dressed appropriately.

Online Employment Assessments

 What are pre-employment assessments and why do companies such as Vistar Corporation use them? Assessments range from personality tests to mechanical reasoning and verbal reasoning to personality tests. They give employers a better idea of your skills and how you could fit in to the company culture.

Top Interview Questions and Best Answers

Our experts list some of the most common interview questions, along with the best way to answer them.

  • What special skills or knowledge have you gained that will help in this job?
  • What is the last new procedure you integrated into your job?
  • Do you have any advice for someone interested in this field/job?
  • In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?
  • What interests you least about the job or creates the most stress?

Below are listed some of the common positions at Vistar Corporation

The following are possible positions at Vistar Corporation:

Business Analyst Customer Service Assistant Manager
Financial Analyst Engineer Administrative Assistant

What Are Popular Assessments at Vistar Corporation?

Vistar Corporation pre-employment tests include the following:

Personality/Job Fit Promotional Tests Specialized Item Sets
Correctional Tests Entry-Level Tests Supplements

Company Details

Company Address: 12650 E Arapahoe Rd D

City: Englewood

State: CO

Postal Code: 80,112

Phone Number: (303)662-7248


Industry: Wholesale Trade

Sub-industry: Wholesale Trade – Non-Durable Goods

SIC Code: 5,149