Are you wondering what goes on behind the scenes when you apply for a job? While the recruiting process varies by industry, company and even department, the general process is the same. Here’s information on each step in the hiring process for Waste Industries USA.

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It can be hard to find the right job. Here is everything you need to know about applying for a job at Waste Industries USA.


Getting an interview at Waste Industries USA is quite difficult. This means that if you are called to come in you are quite a strong candidate. That does not mean you should slack off. Before the interview practice answering common interview questions in front of the mirror. Remember you are being judged from the moment you walk through the door.


Waste Industries USA uses various pre-employment tests to evaluate candidates. Not every candidate must take an assessment test, and the tests vary from position to position. Common tests include personality tests and technical skills tests.

Job Interview: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

It’s common to be asked about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview. These are some ideas about how to answer this question.


  • Negotiation
  • Attention to detail
  • Inspirational


  • Difficulty mastering foreign languages
  • Talkative
  • Public speaking

Possible jobs at Waste Industries USA

What positions can I apply to at Waste Industries USA?

Management Trainee Executive Assistant Customer Service Assistant
Business Analyst Business Partner Human Resources Administrator

Assessments at Waste Industries USA

During the recruitment process you will be expected to take any or all of the following exams:

Advanced Clerical MS PowerPoint Analytical Reasoning
Account Clerk, Senior PI LI (PLI) Test Microsoft Word

Company Details

Company Address: 3301 Benson Dr # 601

City: Raleigh

State: NC

Postal Code: 27609

Phone Number: 9193253000


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Gas, Electric and Sanitary Services

SIC Code: 4953