We can help you secure your next job at Alabama Crown Distributing Co. Learn about Alabama Crown Distributing Co’s hiring process and how to increase your odds of getting hired by crafting a great résumé, acing interviews, and excelling at assessments.

Application Process at Alabama Crown Distributing Co

When you are applying for a job, you want to make sure that your application stands out in the crowd. The best way to do this is to create a short résumé that is tailored to the specific job for which you are applying and includes all of the relevant keywords.


Landing an interview at Alabama Crown Distributing Co is not easy! Be sure you make it count. Come prepared with a hard copy of your résumé, cover letter, and references. Be prepared with Alabama Crown Distributing Co–specific questions to ask your interviewer at the end of the interview.

Online Psychometric Assessments

Replacing new hires is very costly, so employers want to increase the chance that their hires will thrive in their new position. As a result, you may be asked to take a variety of tests, ranging from personality tests to logical thinking tests to verbal reasoning tests.

  • What kinds of experience, paid or unpaid, would you encourage for anybody pursuing a career in this field?
  • How do you feel about working for someone who knows less than you?
  • What are your interests and in what way does this job satisfy your interests?
  • Would you consider yourself a big-picture person or a detail-oriented person?
  • What are three positive character traits you don’t have?

Available Positions

You may interview for roles like the ones below:

Customer Service Manager Sales Merchandiser
Product Manager Business Analyst Customer Service Assistant

Assessments at Alabama Crown Distributing Co

These are some of the most popular pre-employment tests used by Alabama Crown Distributing Co:

Correctional Tests Police Technician Assessment Tools
Specialized Item Sets Entry-Level Tests Promotional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: 421 Industrial Ln

City: Birmingham

State: AL

Postal Code: 35211

Phone Number: 2059411155

Website: www.georgiacrown.com

Industry: Wholesale Trade

Sub-industry: Wholesale Trade – Non-Durable Goods

SIC Code: 5182