The hiring process can be smooth sailing if you know what to expect. We’ve compiled information about Dickten & Masch Mfg Co’s hiring process, from application to interviews. Keep reading to learn about how to succeed.

Application Submission

Sometimes you find a great job but you’re unsure if you’re qualified. Don’t worry. Job requirements are more like guidelines than strict rules. If you create a solid application, with a killer cover letter and a résumé that includes relevant work experience and skills, you may convince Dickten & Masch Mfg Co to take a chance on you and invite you to an interview. Sometimes it’s worth applying even if you don’t exactly match all of the job requirements.


Don’t expect the interview process at Dickten & Masch Mfg Co to be simple. You will likely need to face multiple interviews. It is a good sign if you are called in for a second interview. Don’t forget to bring your résumé, cover letter, and all related documents.

Psychometric Test

Many industries use psychometric tests to evaluate their applicants. They use these metrics to ensure that they are finding the right applicant for the open position. The most common exams are aptitude tests, personality tests, and situational judgement tests.


  • Solution oriented
  • Detail oriented
  • Creative thinking


  • Being unfamiliar with the latest software
  • Taking too many risks
  • Covering for co-workers

Possible job openings

What positions are available at Dickten & Masch Mfg Co?

Accounting Administrative Assistant UX Designer
Business Partner Customer Service Data Analyst

Common Psychometric Tests

As part of Dickten & Masch Mfg Co’s hiring process, candidates often complete one or more of the following assessments:

Police Technician Dispatcher Specialized Item Sets
Personality/Job Fit Entry-Level Tests Promotional Tests

Company Details

Company Address: N44w33341 Watertown Plank Rd

City: Nashotah

State: WI

Postal Code: 53058

Phone Number: 2623675371


Industry: Manufacturing

Sub-industry: Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products

SIC Code: 3089