Knowing what to expect from the hiring process will help you succeed. Keep reading to learn about the hiring process at Canadian National Railroad and learn about all the steps you will need to take to get to your dream job.


Even if you see the open position on a search engine, go directly to Canadian National Railroad and check if the position is on their job board. It is always best to apply directly from the Canadian National Railroad website. Update your résumé and cover letter to match the specific qualifications of the job description.


In your interview at Canadian National Railroad, you can expect to be asked basic questions about your experience and attitudes. Prepare a mental list of examples that demonstrate your positive qualities, such as goals that you achieved or initiatives that you spearheaded. You may also want to practice answering a few common interview questions before your interview at Canadian National Railroad.

Online Psychometric Assessments

Replacing new hires is very costly, so employers want to increase the chance that their hires will thrive in their new position. As a result, you may be asked to take a variety of tests, ranging from personality tests to logical thinking tests to verbal reasoning tests.

Summary of Main Strengths and Weaknesses 

Choose from these ideas on how to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses.


  • Professional
  • Effectively managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Professional


  • Expressing frustration with underperforming staff or colleagues
  • Not spontaneous, better when prepared
  • Too critical of other people’s work

List of Common Jobs At Canadian National Railroad

Which jobs can you apply for?

Courier Machine Operator Bus Driver
Train Operator Marine Oiler Conductor

Common Pre-Employment Tests

During the job process you might need to take any or all of the following pre-employment tests.

Kenexa Tests Executive Assistant Ramsay Mechanical Test
Service Specialized Item Sets Criteria CCAT

Company Details

Company Address: 2800 Livernois Rd

City: Troy

State: MI

Postal Code: 48,083

Phone Number: (248)000-1111


Industry: Transportation and Public Utilities

Sub-industry: Railroad Transportation

SIC Code: 4,011