Learn about the recruiting process at Coastal Financial to give yourself the best chance of landing the job that you want. Here you can read about Coastal Financial’s hiring process, including the application, interviews, and pre-employment tests.

How to Apply

Follow these strategies to write a strong letter. Get off to a direct start—in your first paragraph, explain simply why you are writing. Offer something different than what’s in your résumé. It’s rare to send an application letter without also sending a résumé. Make a good case. Close with all the important details.


Interviews are never easy. That being said, the interview process at Coastal Financial is quite difficult. Make sure you prepare in advance and rehearse how you present yourself. The recruiter is evaluating you from the moment you step through the door.

Online Screening Exam

Companies who require candidates to take assessments are looking to hire applicants who can demonstrate the required skills, be they verbal, numerical, logical, or mechanical skills.

Job Interview Questions and Answers

The most popular interview questions at Coastal Financial are the following:

  • What precisely do you do? What are the duties/functions/responsibilities of your job?
  • What do you think you would like and not like about working in this job?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
  • If selected for this position, can you describe your strategy for the first 90 days?
  • Can you describe a time when your work was criticized?

List of Common Jobs At Coastal Financial

What positions are available at Coastal Financial?

Receptionist Records Management Analyst Word Processor
Senior Support Specialist Accounting Clerk Material Recording Clerk

Assessments at Coastal Financial

You might need to complete one of the following pre-employment tests.

Basic Skills-Clerical Supplements Data Entry Clerk
Advanced Clerical Executive Assistant Administrative Assistant

Company Details

Company Address: 2619 N Oak St

City: Myrtle Beach

State: SC

Postal Code: 29577

Phone Number: 8432052000


Industry: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Sub-industry: Holding and Other Investment Offices

SIC Code: 6712